Nik Freitas - Saturday Night Underwater (CD)

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Track Listing:

1. Saturday Night Underwater
2. The Light
3. Hold That Thought
4. Little Man
5. Middle
6. Let It Be Known
7. In The Frame
8. Affected
9. Francesca
10. My Only Sail

Nik Freitas is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles, CA. A self taught musician and engineer, Nik records and plays everything on his albums. He has released four full-length records since 2002, the most recent being Sun Down in 2008.

Freitas has toured his own music extensively, supporting such acts as BRIGHT EYES, RILO KILEY, Jason Lytle of GRANDADDY, and AZURE RAY.

In early 2008, Nik became a member Conor Oberst's Mystic Valley Band. For the next two years, Freitas played guitar on and toured for Oberst's 2008 self titled solo album, and 2009's Outer South, including having two of his own songs featured on the latter.

In February of 2010 Nik joined the live performing band for the Danger Mouse and James Mercer project BROKEN BELLS, and spent the year playing guitar on the road with the band.

Between all the touring, Nik was recording his own music at his home studio in Los Angeles. With the constant movement, limited time and space, and after playing electric guitar in bands for the previous few years, Freitas began incorporating electronic instruments into his music. Guitar solos and live drums were now being replaced with old early 80's synthesizers and drum machines, mixing organic acoustics with analog sound generators, beats and digital swells.

With a small window inbetween touring with BROKEN BELLS last fall, Nik self-released a five-song EP entitled Center of the World in October which was followed by a mini-U.S. solo tour. The small collection of songs were taken from these new recordings spanning the past three years. Now that there is some free time, Nik is happy to announce that the new songs have been made into a brand new record, Saturday Night Underwater, due early summer 2011.